Categories / Phase I

Phase I: April 15 - 20, 2008

Phase II: April 25 - 30, 2008

Phase I: April 15 - 20, 2008

【CECF (Pazhou) Complex】

International Pavilion

① Machinery & Equipment
·Machinery & Equipment
Apparatus; Photographic Supplies; Printing Apparatus; Universal Machinery; Weaving Supplies; Element parts of Machinery; Varied Models of Complete Plants

·Small Vehicles & Spare Parts
Bicycles; Motorcycles; Automobiles; Vehicle Spare Parts

②Electronics, IT Products & Household Electrical Appliances
·Household Electric Appliances
Kitchen Electrical Appliances; Refrigerators and Refrigeration Equipment; Air Conditioners and Ventilation Equipment; Washers and Dryers; Other Small Electrical Appliances

·Electronics & IT Products
Audio-video Products; Computer Products; Communication Products; Business Automation Equipment; Electronic Security Equipment; Computer Software

·Lamps & Light Fixtures
Light Sources; Lamps and Lights; Light Fittings

③ Hardware & Tools
Measures; Grinders; Blades; Hand Tools; Electric Tools; Pneumatic Tools; Hydraulic Pressure Tools; Welding Tools; Machine Tools; Incising Tools; Farm Implements

Builders Hardware; Door-and-Window Hardware; Furniture Hardware; Ornamental Hardware; Sundry Hardware; Locks and Fittings; Silk Screens; Welding Materials; Low- pressure Valves; Water Heating Equipments; Fasteners; Foundry Goods and Forged Pieces; Other Hardware

·Chemical Products & Mineral Products
Chemical Products; Minerals Metallurgy and Non-ferrous Metal Minerals

④ Building Materials & Kitchen, Sanitary Equipments
·Kitchen & Sanitary Equipment
sanitary equipment; kitchen equipment

·Building Materials
Building Materials; Metal Building Materials; Chemical Building Materials; Glass Building Materials; Cement Products; Building Ceramics; Floors and Flooring Materials; Stones, Tiles and Bricks; Doors, Windows and Walls; Ceiling and Partition; Decorative Materials; Other Building Materials

⑤ Consumer Goods
·Articles of Daily Use
Cleaning and Supplies; Bathroom Accessories; Body-care Items; General Houseware Items

Domestic Furniture; Hotel and Restaurant Furniture; Office Furniture; Medical Furniture; Outdoor Furniture; Public Furniture; Other Furniture; Semi-manufactured Furniture and Furniture Accessories

·Clocks, watches & Optical Instruments
Clocks; Watches; Clock and Watch Spare Parts; Eyeglasses; Accessories

·Sporting Goods, Tour Equipments & Casual Goods
Sporting Goods; Casual Goods; Musical Instruments; Chesses and Pokers; Sporting Souvenirs; Outdoor Tour Articles

Baby Toys; Electromotive, Remote Controlling and Clockwork Toys; Games- action; Educational Games and Toys; Plush and Cloth Toys; Dolls; Riding Vehicles; Musical Toys; Inflatable Toys; Other Toys and Toy Accessories

·Office Suppliers
Pens and Writing Instruments; File Storage Products; Office Items; Paper Products; Labels; Desk Decorations

·Horticultural Products
Flowers, Seedlings and Bonsai; Horticultural Tools; Horticultural Item; Pet Fishes and Pet Birds

·Houseware, Kitchenware & Tableware
Houseware; Kitchenware; Table Accessories

·Cases & Bags
Cases of Daily Use; Brief Cases; Bags; Other Cases, Bags and Accessories

⑥ Decorations & Gifts
·Advertising Gifts and Presents
Advertising Gifts and Presents; Paper Products and Packing Products

Resin Crafts; Traditional crafts; Other Crafts

·Home Decorations
Home decorative items; Table Decorations; Drawnwork Interior Decorations; Dried Flowers and Ikebana; Drawings, Pictures and Frames; Door and Window Decorations and Wall-hung Adornments

·Festival and Party Decorations
Party Supplies and Decorations; Festival Decorations; Festival Lights

⑦ Jewellery
Jewelry; Accessories; Bone Carvings and Jade Carvings

⑧ Food Stuff & Produce
Food Stuff; Beverage; Tea; Produce

⑨ High-Tech

Industrial Products

① Household Electrical Appliances
·Kitchen Electrical Appliances
·Refrigerators and Refrigeration Equipment
·Air Conditioners and Ventilation Equipment
·Washers and Dryers
·Other Small Electrical Appliances

② Electronics and IT Products
· Audio-video Products
· Computer Products
· Communication Products
· Business Automation Equipment
· Electronic Security Equipment
· Electronic and Electrical Products
· Computer Software

③ Lamps & Lighting Fixtures
· Light Sources
· Lamps and Lights
· Light Fittings

④ Tools
· Measures
· Grinders
· Blades
· Hand Tools
· Electric Tools
· Pneumatic Tools
· Hydraulic Pressure Tools
· Welding Tools
· Machine Tools
· Incising Tools
· Farm Implements

⑤ Machinery & Equipment
· Apparatus
· Photographic Supplies
· Printing Apparatus
· Universal Machinery
· Home Sewing Machines and Parts, Weaving Supplies
· Element Parts of Machinery
· Varied Models of Complete Plants
· Large-scale Machinery and Equipment

⑥ Small Vehicles & Spare Parts
· Vehicle Spare Parts
· Bicycles and Motorcycles

⑦ Hardware
· Builders Hardware
· Door-and-window Hardware
· Furniture Hardware
· Ornamental Hardware
· Sundry Hardware
· Locks and Fittings
· Silk Screens
· Welding Materials
· Low-pressure Valves
· Water Heating Equipment
· Fasteners
· Foundry Goods and Forged Pieces
· Other Hardware

⑧ Building Materials
· Building Materials
· Metal Building Materials
· Chemical Building Materials
· Glass Building Materials
· Cement Products
· Building Ceramics
· Floors and Flooring Materials
· Stones, Tiles and Bricks
· Doors, Windows and Walls
· Ceilings and Partitions
· Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment
· Decorative Materials
· Other Building Materials

⑨ Chemical Products & Mineral Products
· Chemical Products
· Minerals Metallurgy and Non-ferrous Metal Minerals

⑩ Vehicles & Construction Machinery
· Vehicles
· Civil-construction Engineering Machinery
· Farming and Forestry Machinery
· Power Machinery

Medicines, Health Products & Hospital Equipment
· Medicines
· Medical Instruments
· Health-care Products and Instruments
· Beauty and Body-care Products
· Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines

【CECF (Liuhua) Complex】

Textiles & Garments, Medicines & Health Products

① Garments
· Fashion Wear and Casual Wear
· Occasional Wear
· Pajamas and Underwear
· Sports Wear
· Kids Wear
· Special Garments
· Garment Fabrics
· Fashion Accessories
· Garment Fittings

② Household Textiles
· Beddings
· House Textiles
· Sanitary and Bathroom Textiles
· Table Textiles and Kitchen Textiles
· Other Textiles

③ Carpets & Tapestries
· Carpets
· Tapestries

④ Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics
· Textile Raw Materials
· Fabrics
· Yarn
· Special Woven Fabrics, Non-woven Fabrics and Industrial Cloth
· Garment Accessories

⑤ Artex
· Embroidered Products
· Braids
· Quilting Products
· Artex Decorations
· Prints
· Raw Artex

⑥ Furs, Leather, Down & related products
· Furs and Fur Products
· Leather and Leather Products
· Down and Down Products
· Cashmere and Cashmere Products

⑦ Footwear & Headgear
· Footwear
· Headgear