Muslim Food

Simralbaku Azerbaijan Restaurant


You’ve probably passed it many times without noticing it due to its' nondescript entrance along Xiaobei Lu. Yet it serves enticing Azerbaijan, Russian and Turkish delights. As of press time, the menu was only in Russian and Chinese. Their spacious dining hall features private booths and tables draped in heavy linen. Popular orders include the fruit and nut platter (RMB 45) and their roasted chicken, lamb and beef kebabs (averaging RMB 35 per helping). One of our personal favorites was the chicken cutlet, which came with a scrumptious, creamy sauce (RMB 36). Another palate pleaser was the fat-stewed mutton served with Uigur style pilaf (RMB 30). It came with raisins, dates and honey drizzled over yellow rice. Their combination of sweet and zesty sensations seems to satisfy the local Russian community.