Muslim Food



Sultan, as its name indicates, dominates the territory like a king. Expect a Turkish experience as soon as you walk in the door with Ottoman era designs lining the walls. But this is all about the food, made by the seven Turkish chefs. The Lentil Soup (RMB18) explodes on your tongue, while the Cacick (RMB20), a blend of cucumber and yogurt, is a refreshing way to start the meal. The Nur Gagi Salad (RMB20) is packed with vegetables and is made all the better by the pomegranate juice. There is a la carte or a range of different daily-prepared dishes to choose from including the Lamb Casserole (RMB45) with meat so tender it almost melts in your mouth. But the Kababs are a must with the Adana kabab’s (RMB40) mild spices being the most traditional Turkish flavor in town.