Indian Food

Taj Pavilion


You would imagine that in this kind of old fashioned building, you’d find a number of upcoming bars – so it’s slightly surprising to find an Indian restaurant in taking up all three floors and even a garden. You get a warm feeling when you walk in from the red sofas and yellow lights and walls, with the scent of curry in the air to stimulate your taste buds. The Vegetable Samosa (RMB35), thinly rolled cones of dough stuffed with spicy vegetables, is a bit dry inside, but the flavors are well balanced. The Sheekh Kabab (RMB58), minced chicken or mutton mixed with spices, is spicy but manages to maintain the meat’s flavor. The Mango Lassi’s (RMB28) has a really creamy yogurt texture.

Decor: ★★★★☆ Food: ★★★★☆ Service: ★★★★★ Price: RMB75/pp