2007 Exhibition economic development trend analysis

Integrating the activities of the HKCEC. 2007, convention activities in the form of greater emphasis on outreach meeting, the combination of which will be in the exhibition, there will be outreach to show band will be promoting the exhibition. An international conference to convene the general meeting of the main theme, but the meeting will be the introduction of the same period the number of commercial exhibitions: international exhibitions and although the main exhibition, on display during the seminar topics will be more such meetings, conferences and exhibitions to the relationship between more integration.
MICE business specialization. International Conference and Exhibition from the practice of economic development, many professional exhibition organized by the trade associations. With the exhibition of the fierce competition between the growing number of industry associations to sell their own professional exhibitions exhibition companies, and professional exhibition company or joint venture formed joint-stock companies, trade associations only retain a certain amount of shares, the right to operate or show all or part of the exhibition delivery company. As another famous French France SBHM loaded Show [France] were originally part of a men's professional associations, because of poor management in huge deficit, have recently sold all their shares a professional exhibition company.
Since the beginning of 2000, the HKCEC to the increasingly professional and brand development. In the field of building materials such as France have BATIMAT Show, in the food area with STAL exhibition in the field have EMBALLAGE packaging exhibition in the field of agriculture with SLMA Show. Also in China Shanghai Auto Show, Shenzhen High intersection, and the Canton Fair and Zhuhai Air Show. More international Hanover in Germany, Frank Fu, Munich, Dusseldorf and. Predictable, the exhibition business in 2007 will be even more prominent professional orientation.
Competitive Enterprise Group of the HKCEC. Market growing requirements of the exhibition, exhibition enterprises in need of funds, human resources, international networks, and other areas have more input. Small companies will be insufficient Exhibition: Exhibition by large company mergers and acquisitions, the company will form a group exhibition of the trend. For example, in France MICE market, it has gradually formed the Bo Ai Group Exhibition, Exhibition Group Wen Bo, Paris Show Committee, the leading exhibition for enterprise groups.
In 2007, world trade and the development of economic globalization trend will continue to deepen, therefore: in a country organized by the international professional exhibition does not satisfy the customer's visit to the country and exhibitors, organizers must be greater geographic scope to find customers. In order to survive and develop, the brand already has a show to raise the level of the international exhibition, increase foreign exhibitors and visitors proportion of customers, and strive to show the region will become a leading exhibition, and even the whole world leading exhibition.
In respect of information technology application in the economy has become increasingly evident. Network technology for the development of enterprise marketing and external exchanges, with the means, or through tremendous changes have occurred in to the world exhibition industry has brought new opportunities and challenges. After several years of adjustments, physical exhibition of traditional and e-commerce information technology such as a virtual exhibition of the two complement each other trends in 2007 will be further clarified. In Germany, sales of online exhibitions, the Internet and online business development soon, but the German exhibition industry momentum and scale of development has not been affected.
In the United States, network technology and the level of development far exceeds the scope of application of national `but it really MICE industry in the new economic era and the emerging trend of the German basically the same. According to the exhibition CEIR] [Research Center survey, the United States is still the enterprises to participate in trade fairs as the most effective marketing and external ties ways and means, and that if he really that way and manner as commercial advertising, e-commerce and the use together, it can be successful of greater can be.
The ever-changing face of e-commerce and electronic media development, more than 50% of the participating enterprises that the role and significance of the exhibition will not be reduced another 1 / 4 of the participating enterprises that the significance of the exhibition and the role will become more and more important. Often those enterprises participating in the exhibition, this higher rate, to increase or maintain the existing scale of exhibitors participating enterprises accounted for 87% of participating enterprises that exhibitions role in the Internet era and the impact will be reduced or become more exhibitors enterprises accounted for 80%. Clearly, e-commerce and electronic media and the rapid development and extensive use and no certainty enterprises from the traditional exhibition in the pickup market. In fact, the professional division for the exhibition industry specific analysis found that the IT industry professional exhibitions particularly strong growth momentum, and this is precisely the information network sectors of the economy still need traditional media - trade fairs to expand and develop their businesses.
In fact, the main organizer of the exhibition business is not a business rationale for the exhibition itself, and on measures taken by various means - physical exhibitions, online virtual exhibitions, online sales or any other form of effective and successful organization of the buyers and sellers together, the increase their participation in fairs and visits to the interest and value of trade. From that point of view, e-commerce, the exhibition site, online sales and other business in the exhibition, the organizers of the scope of the business. 2OO7, the exhibition organizers of the operational effectiveness of the evaluation criteria must adapt to the changes.
Europe and the United States market stability rapid growth of the Asian market. Europe and the United States exhibition industry developed countries, with strong backing of the economic strength, coupled with rich experience in camp grounds, quality of service and convenient traffic and the large number of Convention and Exhibition Association headquarters, the Convention and Exhibition market will still grow steadily. Canton Fair
It can be predicted that in 2007 the world economy will continue to strengthen the eastward shift trend, as Asia's largest countries - China's integration into the world market, to the Asian economic development of a new development opportunities. Asia is now the world's fastest growing economy, Asia will inevitably bring about rapid development in various sectors of the world will be developed with great enthusiasm concern this market. Exhibition industry as a world trade, information exchange platform, all countries are bound to trigger a great interest. China's vast territory and huge market potential, there should be a broader space for development. China is now actively enter the market r Exhibition Industry Exhibition annual 20% increase. Exhibition industry giants seize the momentum in the China market in 2007 will be a new change, in addition to Germany's Hannover, Frank Fu, Munich and Dusseldorf exhibition company has assigned to Shanghai, and other countries have also entered the exhibition business in China, we the media from the United States "Group" frequent festivals frequency appeared in the major forum will be able to experience the all-round competition to the Convention situation.
The degree of international MICE market has continued to deepen. In 2006, after China's accession to the five-year bilateral gone and the time, the deadline for the transition period declared December 11 as about the region. In 2007 the Chinese government will open exhibition services industry, including the opening of the Business of foreign capital flowing into China's exhibition industry to further accelerate the pace and show the following features.
(1) from entering the travel industry chain above, mainly middle, the whole industrial chain to the HKCEC Extension. Foreign investment in the industrial chain for the HKCEC) funding preference mainly concentrated in the upper and middle reaches, is the focus of investment cooperation in the formation of the exhibition venues and centers, such as Shanghai New International Expo Center two input use, that the foreign capital in the exhibition industry, the upstream area of favor. The reason is obvious and that is that they pay more attention in the exhibition industry chain profits most lucrative aspects of competitive advantage and grab a monopoly of the high profits) E9 However, in 2007 entered the field of foreign Exhibition will be extended to the whole industry chain.
[2] The European Convention entered China as a major industrial countries and regions in the pattern will change. Since 2004, Chinese enterprises to expand abroad HKCEC the main force of the Convention and Exhibition market mostly to European companies, Germany, Italy, Britain and other major European countries enterprises in China Exhibition Show limbs. European firms in the list, - a significant phenomenon it is not difficult to find, many European companies abroad especially for the German enterprises. Five German exhibition companies, such as Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Hanover and Dusseldorf all appeared in Shanghai, China, on the exhibition market. And in 2007 this pattern will be some breakthroughs, such as the United States, Japan and Exhibition enterprises enter the Chinese market, the pace of obvious signs of accelerating.
[3] showed the way with the group was evident. In recent years, groups with foreign companies to enter the Chinese market. For example, Germany's Munich exhibition company, Hanover and Dusseldorf exhibition company exhibition company in Shanghai with the Chinese joint venture to set up a "New International Expo Center," the group through cooperation with the Chinese side to play in the negotiation process for bargaining power.
Entering the 21st century, the distribution of resources consumed by the increasing activities of the Festival, not only because Festival activities have a strong theme of entertainment, but also because of the unique festivals of leisure activities and experience, it also helps more major manufacturers and consumers has been established between a turnover of more accessible easy communication channels. Therefore, we have not only seen the original domain customs or emotional mobilization of the festival, at the same time, we also observed that more and more businesses will take the initiative to commercial activities of the Festival, Festival of commercial activities.
Marketing reorganization Festival activities because, on the one hand Festival activities brought about by the concentration of promoting consumer purchase of scale: On the other hand, major festivals activities will enable enterprises to promotions and discounts She will not damage the brand value.
So in 2007, corporate marketing staff will increasingly take full advantage of some of the regular festival, as Games, enterprises anniversary commemoration, large trade exhibitions, sports competitions and art performances, exhibition activities, in order to more effectively for their products and services to eliminate your recognition and acceptance.


(Source: Canton Fair News)

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