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     The outdoor exhibition area of Canton Fair

Canton Fair
The outdoor exhibition area of Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn since it was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957. It is China's largest trade fair of the highest level, of the most complete varieties and of the largest attendance and business turnover. Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance.

Welcome Statement
The Canton Fair welcomes you. Succeeding to its resplendent history, we salute a magnificent future. Let's join hand in hand and witness the future together. ..

Introduction of hosts, organizer and organization structure of Canton Fair. ..

Functional Offices
Introduction of all functional offices of Canton Fair. ..

Past Sessions
The turnover, buyer number and news report of previous sessions of Canton Fair. ..

Canton Fair in My Eyes
Looking through Canton Fair in VIP's eyes. ..

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